We’ve Got that Fair-Time Feelin’

July 17, 2018

Fashion is as much a feature of the fair ethos as parading livestock around.

Anything goes on any given day, but the most important article would be a pair of kick arse cowboy boots… and some fringe. Let’s see… fringe could be on a t-shirt, a purse, maybe even a pair of earrings or necklace.

Bandit Brand "Feelin' Country" at Bijou in Paso Robles

Source: Instagram @bandit_brand

Just as important as the boots, cut off denim shorts or some killer jeans paired with a graphic Tee or sexy crop top is a must.

Bandit Brand at Bijou in Paso Robles

Source: Instagram @bandit_brand

The all important little clutch or crossbody purse to stash your cash, lipgloss and phone are uber important to complete your fair outfit – pair it with a wide cowhide cuff with a bit of designer influence goes a long way too.

Louis Vuitton Cuffs by Gypsy Junkies at Bijou Boutique in Paso Robles

Be prepared for the chillier evenings and look cool with a flannel tied around your waist, you can never have enough flannel! Cowboy and baseball hats are optional.

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